Underwear Love Spells

Love Spells a person wearing underwear and panties
Spells a great love

Simpatia da Cueca

Hello, today we are going to teach you how to make a sympathy wearing a pair of underwear for the person you want to tie.
First take a pair of panties, choose one that your love likes. Then get him his underwear, which you like best. Tie the panties in your underwear.
If you are a man and you want to tie a woman just reverse the pieces of underwear like this:
Take your underwear and tie it up in her panties and then follow the instructions below.
Pay attention to the details of sympathy
On a full moon night, use a pen to write your full name on his underwear, and then his full name on your underwear.
The knot must be firm, they must be tied together.
Put the pieces tied inside a vase (or a glass pot) and put some sugar crystal on them.

used underwear for love spells

The next day, when the sun is already up, take this pot and go to the garden. There you will make a hole and bury it.
On top of the place where you buried the glass with the panties and underwear you should plant a flower and take care of it.
After that, simply follow your life naturally and you will not separate from that person.
If one day you decide that you do not want to be next to him, then go to the place where you buried it, pluck the flower by the roots and unearth the pot. male impotence with others women’s

Spells with underwear for he have male impotence with others women’s

Love spells of the underwear to male impotence with others womans
See how simple it is to write your full name in your husband’s underwear and bury it in a potted plant.
Ask your guardian angel that while your underwear is buried your (husband’s name) will not be able to get an erection unless it’s with you.
Then urinate over the vase in which the underwear is buried.
The name and the urine are yours, so “he” will only work for you.

This sympathy is usually done by experienced wizards.


2 comentários sobre “Underwear Love Spells

  1. Can I buy new underwear or does it need to be worn?
    a spiritual spell of love made by you is stronger than this homemade spell made by me?


    • Hello Katy! Yes. The underwear has to be worn and dirty.
      My spells is much stronger than yours because I’m a professional
      Does not compare with home spells



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